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Australian Piling experts will provide you with a designed installed and certified screw pile service for all civil, commercial, residential, industrial, bridge and infrastructure works Sydney and Australia wide.

Our Screw Piling product is the cheapest, quickest and strongest screw foundation system in today’s market. Unlike the traditional helical and multi fin cast helix used by the Australian Screw Pile market, our robust and rigid single helix no longer restricts the structural integrity of a screw pile.

Screw piles transfer building loads via the shaft (typically CHS section, 76mm dia – 273mm dia) to the helix plate, which is located at the bottom of the shaft. Sizes and thicknesses of each member is engineer designed to allow for all design loads and geotechnical conditions as per your project.

APE entered the Screw Pile market as an alternate contractor and has shown a diverse attitude in catering to a more affordable, stronger and engineered Steel pile technology, rather than duplicating the existing helical / multi fin offer available from our competitors.

In simple words, the strength of a helical plate screw pile is limited in structural strength and capacity; because the thickness of the multi steel plates / fins welded to the shaft are much thinner and not equivalent to our product in anyway. This means as the load transfers through to the shaft, it will circle its way through 2-3 helical thin plates making it end bearing on the final plate. Yet, our product uses only one heavy duty thick helix plate / fin which is thicker than the combined multi fins / helical plates used by other contractors. Our helical plates vary from 8mm up to 36mm in thickness. Our product is engineered, tested and accredited. We take confidence in our approach and proposals towards any engineer and ensure our design is backed up and warranted by the Australian standard and an Engineered Certificate.

Complying with the Australian Standard: AS 2159 – Section 8. APE screw pile product allows engineers, developers, builders, homeowners to specify APE Piles with full confidence.

Screw Pile (Screw Piles) Contractors with the Difference

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by practising strong and old school foundation principles. Communication and understanding of your project specification requirements is our first approach. We will work with your engineer and explain to you the design figures stipulated and how we can comply or provide you with an alternate cost saving solution. Our product and service in Sydney cannot be beaten in strength, design life, durability and engineering. We believe in simple methodology, high grade quality steel and support Australian suppliers and fabricators.

Our Steel pipes and helix have been locally tested and certified by Australian Testing Facilities to achieve 450 Grade, which is higher than our competitors whom are providing the market with only 350 or less.

Our series of steel screw piles available commence from 60kN pile Safe working load (also known as 6 tonne) and up to 1300kN pile safe working load (also known as 130 tonne). In some cases, we can also pair and group several piles together to achieve higher loads stipulated on your project to cater for Lift Cores and Stair Wells etc.


There are many benefits of screw pile over other piling methods:

  1. No Spoil Removal Required
  2. Half the Cost of a Concrete Pile* – Extremely Cost Affective
  3. Half the Time of a Concrete Bored Pile*
  4. Half the Mess and traffic encountered on Site i.e. No Concrete Trucks, Steel Cages Concrete Pumps and Heavy large Rigs needed.
  5. Up to 20 times faster installation then any driven piles,
  6. Easy connection to footings and pile caps
  7. No Vibration encountered
  8. No dewatering requirements
  9. Can be Re-usable, recyclable, east to Drill back out
  10. Suitable for all soil types,
  11. Installed using calibrated torque correlation to soil type and strength.
  12. Full engineered Calculation, Design and Certification provided
  13. No On site Engineer inspection required
  14. Can Drill As Deep as required up to 30m deep
  15. No Open holes / Bunting required
  16. Fixed Prices can be Offered
  17. Can Access tight sites with widths of 1.75m and heights of 1.60m



Quality Steel Screw Piers | Screw Pile Product To Face Any Condition

Our Screw Pile Product has been engineered and designed to take into consideration any ground condition encountered. The heavy duty tip / teeth ensure that the pile has ability to chew into any hard layers encountered without damaging the shaft or helix plate. The single heavy duty helix plate can be produced in a square or circular shape depending on the ground condition of your site. We do not encourage the use of a multi or helical plates as the overall thickness is distributed in half, and being an end bearing product, it is important you use a Solid Helix Plate.


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