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Bored Piling or Bored Piles are an effective solution to piling where various load cases are applied to the pile such as; uplift, tension, lateral load, moment or large pile loads required.

Bored piles are commonly used as a foundation solution when the conditions of the ground are considered fair to good, i.e. there is; no threat of shallow water table, soils are cohesive or rock and spoil removal is not a problematic or costly trait (such as contaminated / asbestos or acid sulphates). Bored Piles drilled into rock conditions, enhance the chances of minimising any foundation settlement. Australian Bored Piling experts provide top-of-the-line bored piling services in Sydney and surrounding areas. We own various types of track-mounted drilling rigs and excavators which are capable and available to drill depths up to 30m into high-strength rock. 

Bored Piles are drilled with circular augers, cleaned, and then filled with concrete and steel-reinforced cages. The Soil/Rock is removed using certain designed drilling tools, such as soil augers, rock drills, core barrels and clean-out buckets, which can reach a depth of up to 30m and range in diameter from 200mm OD to 1200mm OD. We have several methods available to support the walls/sides of the pile during its construction. This is assessed and selected according to the ground condition being drilled into i.e. soft soils, stiff clays or rock layers, the level of the groundwater found and the environmental constraints on site. In the case where a drilled hole requires intervention to remain open (before the soil/sand collapses the hole), we use a steel liner/casing which can be permanent or temporary.  


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