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Australian Piling experts

Piling Experts is a family-owned business with two best friends at the helm, Ramy and Hany. They are both hands on and passionate about their work, determined to provide clients happiness through quality service that revolves around client satisfaction! With 5 full time teams working across NSW they have excavator sizes from 1.5 ton up to 24 tons available for any job big or small – you can rest assured knowing this team will deliver results every single day of the week

Hany Beshara

Director and Operations
B Eng (Civil and Construction)

With 25 years of experience, Hany  has a hands-on approach to leadership, bringing an active interest and meticulous attention to detail to all of Piling Experts projects. Bringing extensive knowledge and experience in Civil and Foundations, he supports his senior management in the successful delivery of every project on time and within budget. He sees great strength in a collaborative approach, whether working closely with clients to bring their vision to life, or mentoring his team to realise its full potential.


Ramy Hanna

Director and Sales
B Eng (Construction)

With a Bachelor of Engineering in Construction and over 18 years of seasoned experience in the construction industry, Ramy Hanna stands as a testament to dedication and expertise. His approach to project management and sales at Piling Experts is not just professional, but deeply personal and hands-on. Passionate about being actively involved in every facet of project delivery, Ramy ensures that each client’s needs are not just met but exceeded.

Ramy’s charisma and genuine nature are at the heart of his work ethic. He believes in building quality relationships based on honest communication, an approach that has consistently led to surpassing client expectations. His focus is not just on the success of a single project, but on nurturing long-term relationships that pave the way for ongoing success and satisfaction.

At the core of Ramy’s philosophy is a commitment to excellence and a belief that every project is an opportunity to demonstrate the unparalleled expertise and reliability of Piling Experts. His leadership in sales is marked by a strategic vision and an unwavering commitment to his clients, ensuring that each project is a collaborative, successful journey from start to finish.

Moody Wahba

Design and Estimating
BEng (Civil), MEngSc, MIEAust, CPEng, NER

Moody is the estimating and design manager of our business, With Almost 20 yrs of diverse experience in civil and project engineering.

Moody has an in depth knowledge and understanding of the estimating process for pile foundations. Managing this aspect on many multifaceted projects, He has a diligent, yet pragmatic approach with the flexibility to adapt with evolving scenarios on each foundation type.

Rohit Pitre
Rohit Pitre

Project Manager

With a robust foundation in military discipline, Rohit brings an exceptional blend of rigor and precision to his role as Project Manager at Piling Experts. His career is marked by a steadfast commitment to excellence, evident in his remarkable work ethics and strong organizational skills.

Rohit’s expertise lies in meticulous planning and executing projects, ensuring every detail is accounted for and every milestone is achieved with precision. His background in the disciplined environments of the military has instilled him with a unique set of skills, making him exceptionally competent at navigating complex project landscapes.

What truly sets Rohit apart is his unwavering honesty and punctuality. He is known for his transparent communication and timely delivery, traits that have earned him immense trust and respect from both clients and colleagues. His commitment to his work goes beyond just meeting deadlines; he ensures that every project he handles is synonymous with quality and success.

At Piling Experts, Rohit is not just a Project Manager; he is a leader who inspires his team through example, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. His ability to manage and execute successful projects has played a pivotal role in reinforcing our reputation as industry leaders.